One of the beads embroidery machines Manufacturers designers said that the quality of fabric used and the intricate designs of the dresses make them expensive. Located close to Hauz Khas, the market has been established within the remnants of the Siri Fort. Ms Basin deals in hand painted articles like bags, frames,trays, shoes, and tea coasters which are designed by her. The footfall increases, especially during the wedding season that lasts from September to mid-February. To cater to customers, the shop owners are going on online portals. Alisha Bhasin, who owes a shop of hand-painted articles, said in the last six years, Dada Jungi House has seen a good amount of customers. She also sells customised products across India and even exports them to various countries.New Delhi: Shahpur Jat village has emerged as a popular fashion destination in the capital. She added that the market has various lanes like Fashion Street, Dada Jungi House etc famous for its designer boutiques.

They have a separate election commission in each state and they follow their own rules.I have been asked what with the current technology with which they are able to break in and hack into anything and I replied that the EVM is only a calculator. So, they abandoned it. An American had written that it is a blend of a calculator and a Casio musical instrument because of the placement of the buttons. So, I knew, barring some unforeseen incidents, the machine will deliver. I know political parties, including BJP questioned this. The EVM is environment friendly, quick casting of votes and there are no invalid votes.I was the CEC when I got a call from a politician, saying the machine was giving wrong results. Imran Khan was also there in a meeting when they had a workshop on conducting elections. And in every polling station, the list is in a different order. Then they didnrsquo;t open their mouths. The Election Commission has brought out a nice booklet on the EVM and how we developed it. When someone tried a sophisticated machine, it did not work but when India tried something simple, it worked.

There are so many safeguards in the machine.There was a remarkably warm reception for the machines. The government was never hesitant about allotting money. He was an economist at that time, not a politician. Every state has a different system as America is a confederation. The EVM had come to stay. The machines are absolutely trustworthy." I am not interested in any particular party. But we launched a huge campaign and our officers did a good job. The machine was not immediately introduced because there is always apprehension associated with it. I have always been saying the machines are credible, robust and reliable. It started during Seshanrsquo;s period. People wanted to use them.The famous Tamil writer Sujatha was also associated with the EVM as one of the engineers. Its cost was around Rs 300-400 (of one EVM). We had about 8 lakhs in hand and needed a standby of 2 lakhs. I noted it down and said I would call back in 10 minutes. It is also available on the website and it removes many of the apprehensions of the people.



Beads embroidery machines Factory use a simple linen

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