Rejecting AAPs (Aam Aadmi Party) complaint regarding alleged tampering of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), the Election Commission (EC) told AAP that the party should reflect why it performed below expectations in Punjab. The embroidery machines Factory EC also said that as per the provisions of current laws, the party would have to file a petition in the High Court to get the necessary orders for verification of results. Responding to AAPs request for verification of poll results, the EC said, ldquo;It is unfair on the part of your party to attribute unsatisfactory poll performance of your party to the alleged tamperability of EVMs.rdquo;The EC reiterated that the EVMs are completely safe and tamperproof. When AAP pointed out that certain countries have stopped using EVMs, the EC said that the EVMs used in India are completely different from those used in other countries. ECs reply read, EVMs cannot be compared with machines of other countries.most of the systems used in other countries are computer-based and controlled with Internet connectivity. Hence, these could be vulnerable to lsquo;hackingrsquo;. The software in the EVM chip is one time programmable and burnt into the chip at the time of manufacturing.rdquo;

  The image was first released years ago but only recently went viral on the social media He worked with his team to digitally reconstruct a face and then created a cast of the skull on which layers of clay were added to look like facial tissues and replicate the image generated by the program.His team had extensively researched and analysed various skulls of men from Jesusrsquo; time, to understand and design the build of an average Jewish man that lived in Galilee, Israel which is very different from the tall, lean paintings of Jesus. London: Millions across the world have a fixed mental image of Jesus, who has often been depicted as fair skinned with dark blonde locks and light coloured eyes, but a forensic expert who tried to recreate what Jesus looked like with the help of science, will tell you how flawed these depictions are. While Neave's image is a far cry from popular depictions, experts believe that his version is closer to the truth than what the art world would have you believe.



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